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  • Fall Spice Beard Oil

    Fall Spice is our newest scent and just in time for the fall season.  
    If you're a fan of the crisp fall air, then you're going to love this limited seasonal edition. Its smells are sure to make you think you just landed in the local apple orchard for spiced donuts and hot apple cider. Once you are done with your treats, you head outside to the hay ride, which carries you out to the pumpkin patch. From there, you'll pick your pumpkin and head on home. 
    The sweet orange, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg fragrance this lovely without being overpowering. 
    INGREDIENT LISTEssential Oils:
    Blend of:
    Unrefined Organic Coconut OilUnrefined Organic Coconut Oil is the crude oil obtained right from the expeller. It is unrefined, unfiltered and has no additives.Coconut Oil has been known to aid in the growth of hair as well as give it a shiny quality. It is an excellent conditioner, is nourishing, and heals damaged hair.Organic Sweet Almond OilOrganic Sweet Almond Oil is cold-pressed from almond tree seeds and high in oleic and linoleic acids (essential fatty acids).Organic Sweet Almond Oil has been used as an all-natural ingredient to repair split ends, add shine, reduce fallout, enhance growth, improves thickness and can aid in treating dandruff. Organic Jojoba OilOrganic Jojoba Oil has been used to aid in more natural hair growth, add moisture, add shine, reduce frizz, add volume, strengthen hair, improve elasticity, increase softness, and it aids in the reduction of dandruff. Jojoba hydrates hair from the inside, so it works well in reducing hygral fatigue (the swelling and shrinking of hair as it gets wet and dries. This weakens the hair fiber over time.)****If your beard oil becomes a little thick, warm it between your hands. :) ****
    • Size

      Each bottle is sold in a 1 oz dropper bottle.